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Everest Air Phoenix, AZ

AC Repair Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

After a tough day, there’s nothing worse than coming home to an AC that just can’t seem to keep up with the stuffy heat. With Everest Air, you never have to worry about being left out in the cold by your AC—they’re here to make sure it’s running well as a top priority. Whether it needs some minor maintenance or a complete overhaul, Everest Air will give your AC the once-over and have you back in business in no time. Don’t sweat it; let Everest Air take the wheel and ease your AC woes!

Phoenix, AZ is no stranger to hot temperatures and AC repair services are a must. Everest Air understands this perfectly and is here to help. Providing the best AC repair and installation service in the area, Everest Air ensures that AC units function to their maximum capability – giving you break from the heat – when you need it most. They make sure your AC repairs are done right the first time, with friendly services and honest prices around. So don’t sweat it, call up Everest Air for all your AC repair needs.

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AC Repair and Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

AC systems can be tricky to handle, but with our AC repair specialists on the job, you don’t have to worry. Our team has plenty of hands-on experience with air-conditioning systems, so you can sit back and relax while they take care of AC unit installation, maintenance, and service repairs with utmost precision and in no time at all. Your AC repair needs will be in good hands – we guarantee it!
During those sweltering Phoenix summers, AC repair is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. But AC troubles don’t have to stress you out – that’s where our Emergency Air Conditioner Repair services come in! We’ve got all the latest tools and tricks to get your AC running top-notch STAT. Don’t let boiling temps put a damper on your day – count on us to bring the cool back quick as a flash. So take a chill pill and let us handle all your AC problems – we’ll have you feeling cooler than an ice cube in no time!
AC installation in Phoenix, AZ has never been more reliable than with Everest Air. Put your trust in their experienced technicians who will go above and beyond to get the job done right – no fuss, no muss! Plus, our costs are extremely affordable and that means you won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking to cool off with a brand new AC unit or just need an upgrade – don’t delay and give them a call today! You can rest assured knowing that Everest Air has all of your AC needs covered this summer, so you can sit back, relax, and kick up your feet.
Keeping your AC in top shape during the summer months is no small feat, and it’s not just a matter of adjusting the thermostat. Regular AC tune-ups make sure that your cooling system runs like a well-oiled machine and also satisfies most manufacturer warranties. To assist you with this endeavor, we offer reliable AC maintenance services. Our experienced technicians are sure to leave no stone unturned when performing AC inspections – from oiling the fan motor to assessing temperatures in the system, checking out air flow and tidying up dust particles in the evaporator coil – all these tasks add up to keep your AC running fine. So make sure you don’t sweat it out next summer!

All Our Services from Everest Air

Standard Maintenance

General servicing represents the fundamental level of care within the array of air conditioning services. Yet, don’t dismiss its significance, as regular upkeep can conserve both your finances and energy.

Our standard air conditioning maintenance procedure encompasses the following steps:

  • Disassembling and cleansing the front panel and cover to eliminate excess dust accumulated in the air inlet.
  • Purging the air filter to eliminate contaminants and enhance air quality.
  • Cleaning the vacuum evaporator coil to ensure optimal air circulation.
  • Thoroughly vacuuming blower components to eliminate dirt and mold, which can lead to stale and feeble airflow.
  • Clearing the drainage pipe through vacuum suction, eliminating rust and the build-up of harmful bacteria that obstructs the drain.
  • Washing and vacuuming the water tray to eliminate dust and grime.
  • Conducting a trial operation of the air-conditioner to ensure seamless functionality of all components.
  • Carrying out a gas pressure assessment to verify the refrigerant level within the air-conditioner.

If the most recent servicing of your air conditioning units transpired less than half a year ago, you can undergo a standard maintenance session to perpetuate the care of your units.

Chemical Cleansing

A chemical wash represents a more comprehensive iteration of standard maintenance. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who have not engaged in air conditioning servicing for a span exceeding 6 to 9 months.

The process of a chemical wash involves the utilization of a chemical-based solution to cleanse the air filters, fan, and cooling coil. The blower is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned as well. Given that dirt accumulates within the blower, it is advisable to perform a chemical wash once annually, especially for those who frequently employ their air conditioning units.

Chemical Overhaul

For a more profound approach, a chemical overhaul surpasses even the comprehensive nature of a chemical wash.

In the course of a chemical overhaul session, the entire unit undergoes disassembly, with components such as drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels receiving a meticulous cleansing.

This service is intended for those who have allowed more than 9 months to elapse since their last servicing and are confronted with air conditioning issues such as leaks or unusual noises.

Condenser Thorough Cleaning

The proper functioning of the air conditioner hinges not only on its visible elements but also on the role played by the condenser. Though often concealed from view, regular cleaning of the condenser remains vital.

Housing coils that facilitate the displacement of heat from your living space and the introduction of cool air, the condenser accumulates dirt, dust, and debris over time. Failure to maintain the coils can impede their capacity to efficiently expel heat, resulting in suboptimal performance.

A malfunctioning condenser affects all air conditioning units within your home. Hence, consistent condenser maintenance is indispensable to prevent such issues.

Refrigerant Replenishment

Should you discern inadequate cooling efficacy from your air conditioner, it may indicate a need for compressor refrigerant replenishment. Given the absence of a visible gauge for monitoring refrigerant levels, the primary gauge remains the unit’s ability to cool the space effectively.

Our emergency AC fix Phoenix services possess the expertise to ascertain whether a refrigerant replenishment is warranted, which they can communicate during the course of arranging air conditioning servicing. You will then have the prerogative to proceed with the replenishment.

Nevertheless, allowing your units to operate with diminished refrigerant levels poses detriment to both the equipment and the environment.

Air Filtration Integration

Especially pertinent for individuals sensitive to dust or households with children or elderly occupants, regular filter replacement serves to enhance the cleanliness of the air emitted from your air conditioning system.

Rather than attempting this task independently, you have the option to include our professional AC technicians AZ. Our proficient technicians can complete this integration during scheduled air conditioning servicing or other relevant services.

Why Choose Everest Air 

Swift and Adaptable Assistance

Nearly all of our requests for heating repair services are promptly addressed on the same day, ensuring that your repair or maintenance needs are met without delay. We understand the urgency, and we won’t keep you waiting. We’ll arrange a service appointment at your convenience, and we’ll consistently arrive punctually.

Assured Punctuality

Our commitment to punctuality is unwavering. In fact, if we happen to be just one minute late, we’ll credit you 10% toward your heating repair cost.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Heating and cooling emergencies can strike at any hour, which is why we remain at your service 24/7 for your convenience. Our dedicated call-takers are on standby at all times to help you schedule your appointment. Our skilled technicians are accessible day and night, throughout the year, including weekends, making scheduling a breeze. Moreover, our managers are available for urgent matters, ensuring you’re always covered.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Unlike flat-rate charges, we believe in transparent pricing based on the job at hand. This ensures you’re aware of the cost before we begin, eliminating any surprises.

Advantages of Preventative Maintenance

Our valued preventative maintenance customers benefit from a 10% discount on service calls, with no overtime fees, around the clock. If you’re a new customer, you can sign up for annual maintenance during your service appointment to take advantage of these exclusive benefits.

Comprehensive One-Year Guarantee

We stand behind our work with a comprehensive one-year guarantee, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re committed to delivering top-quality service.

Respectful Treatment of Your Property

Our AC troubleshooting in Arizona experts hold your property in high regard. They’ll utilize shoe covers, drop cloths, and leave your space spotless after completing their tasks. Expect them to arrive in a neat, professional uniform.

Reliable and Trustworthy Technicians

Our rigorous hiring process ensures that our technicians are top-notch. They undergo regular background checks and drug tests to prioritize your safety and security.

Equipped for Success

Our residential HVAC solutions arrive in fully-equipped trucks, stocked with all necessary tools and equipment for your HVAC repair. Say goodbye to time wasted on trips to the hardware store or repair shop.

Unwavering Customer Satisfaction

Your contentment with our repair or installation services is paramount. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’ll persistently work until you’re completely pleased with the outcome.

In Search of Expert AC Repair in Phoenix AZ?

Are you seeking the services of a proficient Phoenix AC specialists to assess your air-conditioner? Look no further than Everest Air for Phoenix cooling system experts. Connect with the best AC service in Phoenix and ensure the optimal performance of your cooling system.


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